Articulating rudder


Stabilizer fin


Bow thruster


Stern thruster

Privacy, Tiger Woods’s little tub


Catfish dancing in the stern underwater lights

Dolhins riding the bow wake

Anchor swing

Heading for Turkey


Shrimp heads for the birds

Closing boat purchase 3 miles off North Palm Beach


James Knight in the bowels of the engine room


Main Engine back on new mounts

Real fishing trawlers inside Barnegat Light inlet

Zhach and Thach trying to figure out how to change the starter motor on the main engine

Main and wing prop


Wing prop in collapse mode


Tony in flight

Father daughter moment

Evan and Jared under the Verazano Bridge

Evan and Emma (the Other)


Jared photo-bombing Emmanou’s photo session with Lady Liberty


Happy crew


Downtown Emma Leach


Unloading the toys at Liberty Landing


Evan’s maiden launch

Tender paparazzi


Karin and Caroline Hobart on the Mother Ship


Landed immigrants caught in the reaview camera


Rebecca Norrod, Karin and Tony with Downtown Manhattan Night Lights

View from Liberty Landing

View from Liberty Landing

View from Louis’s Oyster Bar & Grill


with BettyAnn Nettlefield in Branford

Sunset off Castle Hill


Dave Masson arty-farty shot


End of Season


Paula and Peter Sherk

Starter motor — heavy metal

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight


Osprey family next to us in Branford


Fog in Montauk Bay


Foredeck pow-wow


Captain Karin


Sunset at Third Beach

The Race


Roiling waters at the Race


The Race


Sarah Lee, Frank Corcoran, and Josie and Emma on the midnight cruise in NY harbor


Leaving Branford at first light

USBoat Tow to the rescue


The Old Man and the Sea


Rosie using her porch potty as a tanning bed

Tony and Thach trying out the water maker in the engine room


Patriotic buoy at the entrance to Baltimore


A lot of vectors to dodge going through a fishing area


Tom, Karin and Christine

The Queen’s on board


King ‘o the World!


Verazano Bridge on the radar


Taking on the might of the USN at Norfolk

Harry S Truman getting set to leave Norfolk


Taking Emmanou for a dump in the Atlantic 3 nautical miles off the coast


Sunset off Harbour Island Marina

Emmanou’s beautifully Freudian bulbous bow in the marinas clear water


Emmanou ovenighting in Old Bahama Bay Marina


If you REALLY need to get out to them fishies pronto!


Tendering in to Gloucester
Emmanou keeled over on the sand bank
Thach on the bow ready to catch a line from Seatow
Seatow pull
Stabilizer gone
Emmanou haul out at Pleasure Cove Marina, Baltimore
Brand new stabilizer before splash
Osprey over Norfolk
My wonderful winged wing-woman
Heading South to NYC at dawn — UFO is overhead light reflected in pilot house window
Flotsam to avoid — a loose floating dock in Long Island Sound
Lady Liberty waving au revoir