Home Sweet Home

August 16, 2017 – Quick run up the Long Island Sound to Branford Harbor, Brewer Bruce & Johnson Marine where our poor sailboat had been abandoned.  Thach somehow backs Emmanou’s 19.5ft beam into a slip 20.5 feet wide unscathed.  After an epic Indian meal in Branford, Tony and the girls head back to Newport and Jared goes back to NYU.  We spend the next month catching up on home matters in New Haven, Karin heading off to Vancouver with Evan to tuck him into his Freshman dorm at the University of British Columbia and then a hop over to England to meet Emma’s teachers on parent night at Bryanston.  We host a BBQ at the end of the dock and show off Emmanou to old friends – possibly starting off a few conversations on what to do in retirement.

In Branford with Peter Sherk
with BettyAnn Nettlefield in Branford
Rosie — future boat dog
Osprey family next to us in Branford
Rebecca and Gene Rivers and Stephanie and Mike O’Malley
Miles and Sydney
Paula and Peter Sherk