Ski Break

January 20, 2019 – There were persistent doubts about how Thach’s new (from November 2016) knees would perform under the stress of an extended ski season.  The week trip to Jackson Hole in March 2018 yielded mixed reviews on the strength and endurance of the knees.  But a change in ski style to a less energetic and stressful approach to skiing (aka old man skiing) allowed Thach to string together six weeks of skiing: from Mt Tremblant, Quebec, to Niseko, Japan (to visit Emma with Zhach, Alex, Myles and Cam), to Whistler (to visit Evan and the Peter and Paula Sherk), Jackson Hole (for Tony’s annual Newport Adventure Group trip), and Deer Valley (to visit Elliot and Barb at the In Tandem Investor Conference).  A return to New Haven for a final two-week stint of packing up the house in readiness for the pending sale to an incoming couple of Yale Professors and their teenage daughter – whose acceptance to Hopkins was a condition to the purchase (luckily, she passed the interview).  Karin then headed off to Norway for a week’s back country ski touring of the Lyngen Alps with Andy and Harriette Robertson, while Thach returned to North Palm Beach to an expected gleaming and fully repaired and upgraded Emmanou – that was not to be.  Rule one of boat repair and maintenance, don’t expect things to get done when you’re not on site (and even then).

Mt Tremblant ski lodge with Rebekah, Gene and friends
Welcome to Japan and the best toilets ever
Mt Niseko-Annupuri
Myles at the peak
Bao break
View from Niseko condo
Chef Cam
Forest gathering of Ski Instructors
Myles nighttime flipping
Mother-daughter moment
Karin and Cam at trivia night
Whistler peak
Peak 2 Peak
Evan the bird whisperer
Newport Adventure Group at Jackson Hole
Mangey Moosing with Tony, Larry and Andra
John Courtney at Deer Valley In Tandem Investor Conference
Karin and girlfriends Franca, Harriette and Sally in Whistler
Karin skinning in the Lyngen Alps
Sky to Sea