Snaked in Block Island

September 16, 2017 – We set off in dense fog to meet up with Tony’s family on Block Island.  Block Island anchorage is nice and deep – so no grounding this time – and we let out all 250 feet of our anchor chain in 40 feet of water.  Block Island was winding up it’s Summer season but we still got in some bike riding, and jet skiing – at least until Josie “Don Campbell” Leach tries to toss the stern painter (that’s a tow rope – not a Spaniard in a smock and beret) to Jane, her mom, and got it sucked up in the jet ski intake.  End of fun.  Sad last return leg on the tender consisted of 6 sheepishly silent passengers, two bikes, and a jet ski under tow…

The snake after surgical extraction
Fog in Montauk Bay