Back on the Seas Again

June 13, 2018 – Eager to make up for lost time, Emmanou was put through her paces with stops in Bohemia River anchorage, Cape May, and Liberty Landing NYC, to end up at the Boardwalk Marina — a quiet marina up the Housatonic River in Stratford – where she would hang for the next seven weeks as Thach and Karin did family trips to Europe (for Emma’s Bryanston graduation) and Denver (road trip to deliver two cars and a scooter as part of the slow evacuation from New Haven. 

Mindful of the fact that the electronic chart was showing plenty of water depth before the grounding in Prissy Wicks Shoals (I guess the latter designation should have been a clue not to cut the corner into Cape May), updated electronic charts were installed, with the added benefit of Navionic Sonar charts showing the seabed contour – something we now pay maniacally close attention to.

Cape May ferry heading straight at us
Seems like Prissy Wicks Shoals is famous enough to have its own ale (from local Slack Tide brewery)
Entry into NY harbor — never gets old

View from Liberty Landing
Midnight cruise
Old chart format showing 20+ Ft depth at grounding point in Prissy Wicks shoal
Updated Navionics chart showing Prissy Wicks Shoal grounding location
New Navionics sonar chart of same location showing rapid transition from 20+ feet water depth
Contour lines down to 1 foot depth intervals! Sonar logs along our route gets recorded and downloaded to Navionics each time we update our charts. Really useful application of crowdsourced data.
Cattle Egret taking a ride on the foredeck on the jet ski. It is suspected that this Old World bird made it to the Americas on a boat.


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