How high is Emmanou?

Going through the numerous bridges on the ICW, we learn the VHF radio etiquette of schmoozing bridge operators.  Karin in particular has developed a following — except for the odd misogynistic *holes who don’t acknowledge her.  Certain bridges open upon demand (request) but ICW rules are that unnecessary bridge openings can incur fines of up to $300.  So it’s important to know one’s height — which we did not — as each bridge has a marker showing the mid-span clearance depending on the tide.  The owner’s manual states that our height above waterline is 29.5 ft. up to the top of the stack, but we have multiple antennae that extend above that.

A bit of a head scratcher — how do we measure the angle of elevation and distance of the base of the triangle to calculate the tangent height (for you trig nerds out there)?  Or you don’t and instead send Tony up the stack with a yard stick and take a picture — thank you iPhone…

4 thoughts on “How high is Emmanou?”

  1. Ne serait-ce pas un avantage d’avoir des antennes escamotables?
    (Rather like them good ol’ Mississippi stern-wheeler riverboat funnels).
    You could have a laminated procedure list for retracting them…

    1. I think we can fold down the aerials but it’s a little bit of work and we’ve yet to try. Best stay out on the open seas as much as you can.

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