Pets at Sea

While Luigi the cat has adapted to the boat in his laid-back way, hanging out on the stairs to the pilot house and happy as long as we ensured easy access to his litter box, Rosie the dog was another thing altogether.  She never got used to using the real grass porch-potty we placed in the cockpit, she would hold it all in until we could get her to shore, and on long legs she would cut back on eating and drinking to survive (a kind of canine hibernation).  Initially, when under way, Luigi and Rosie would find comfort in the master bed among the pillows, but later they built up the courage to come up to the pilot house to hang with us.  Another problem is air travel – unlike Luigi, Rosie is too big to go in the cabin (other than as a service dog) and had to travel in her crate in the cargo hold (at more than twice the human air fare).  Thach likes to think the administration of a little Benadryl made her sleepy for the trip, but Karin projects all sorts of psychosis from which she seems to have recover by the time we picked her up in EWR.  We will need to have a family meeting on whether the pets are cut out for sea voyages or life with Zhach in Denver…


Rosie using her porch potty as a tanning bed


Double economy class for Rosie


4 thoughts on “Pets at Sea”

  1. Have a great Christmas, ye sea dogs all (if Luigi can bear to be thus included, so heretically but temporarily, amongst honorary canines)!
    You are set to have many adventures in 2018. May they be good ones, lucky ones, fun ones, be they at sea, at the table or with your providers of timely spare parts and mechanical magic.
    One way or t’other, friends are sure to flock.
    Blessings, to ye both, to ye all, me hearties.

  2. Hi Thach,
    Wishing you and your family an exciting 2018 year! May happiness, love, peace, health and marvelous trips continue to be part of your wonderful life!🥂🍾🎉❤⛵🎈🍀
    Your cousin Quân 🤗

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