The Race    

November 2, 2017 – Together with Tony and with a last long toot of the horn we head out of Newport harbor.  We hit some decent 20+ knot winds and rounding Point Judith we get 6-foot seas across the beam, which despite their best efforts, the stabilizers are not designed to handle.  Thach reaches for some ginger ale, stocked in the pilot house fridge for such eventualities and then decides to take a nap, followed by Tony.  Only Karin has the internal fortitude to handle the helm until we reach the tip of Long Island where some weather shelter is afforded.  The Western entry into Long Island Sound is the infamous Race where the sudden water depth transition creates impressive eddies.  Trying to track our pre-set course Emmanou gets tossed and twisted back and forth by 45o as we round the Race Rock and then things calm down for the rest of the way back to Branford harbor.

The Race
Tony checks out The Race
Roiling waters rounding the Race Rock
Captain Karin staying calm

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  1. Awesome pictures! With Karin in command you guys are in good hands! 👍 Enjoy the race 😊 You are all winners🍀🌞

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